Suzuki Diagnostic System Mobile app

Suzuki Diagnostic System Mobile app

Suzuki Marine has launched a diagnostic mobile app called Suzuki Diagnostic System Mobile, or SDSM.

This advanced service tool lets you access your outboard’s technical data, such as serial number, operating hours and running RPM. The app enables you to download and save multiple logs for reference which can then be sent straight to your local Suzuki service dealer, in the event of any issue arising. The app is designed to make the process of servicing and maintaining your outboard even easier.

How does it work?

  • The outboard transfers its data into a QR code which displays on your digital gauge.
  • The code is scanned using the SDSM app which is then downloaded and stored.
  • The log can then be emailed directly to your service dealer.

SDSM diagram 06 19 01

The SDSM app is compatible with iOS and Android devices and is available now from the App Store or Google Play.

Check out the video below to learn more about the SDSM app and how it works:


The SDSM app is compatible with outboard models from 2015 DF15A and above, fitted with the multi-function gauge (with version software 1.180 and above).

Note this app was developed by Suzuki Motor Corporation (Japan). For any technical assistance, please get in touch with your nearest dealer.