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Sports Tuition

Sports Tuition specialises in fishing and adventure programs and prides itself on introducing children to the art of recreational fishing. Through programs such as school camps and holiday camps, children have the opportunity to independently experience boating and fishing, quite often for the very first time. Sports Tuition also facilitates family-based fishing programs which cover a variety of fishing and boating aspects.

Sports Tuition was established in 2001 by Steve Wilkes, who is a fully-qualified outdoor recreation instructor, as well as having 15 years primary school teaching experience. Steve has been a fishing scribe for Bush'n'Beach Fishing Magazine.


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Marine Rescue NSW

Marine Rescue NSW is the State’s official volunteer marine rescue service, committed to saving lives on the water. They have more than 3,200 volunteer members operating from 46 units along the NSW coastline. They provide a safety net for recreational boaters through their three vital services:

  • Swift, coordinated marine emergency response
  • Continuous marine radio coverage along the coastline
  • Boating licence and safety education programs for the public

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Volunteer Marine Rescue Queensland

VMRAQ has 25 affiliated squadrons located throughout the State which provide marine search and rescue services to the boating public on a volunteer basis.

They also provide voyage planning services which allows recreational mariners to call in to a marine rescue group to record details about their trip out on the water.

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Volunteer Marine Rescue Western Australia

VMRWA has over 1400 volunteers across 37 marine rescue groups located around the WA coastline who are ready at a moments notice to come to the aid of mariners in trouble on the water.

VMRWA was formed to be the combined voice of the groups in helping to plan for the future needs of marine rescue in WA.

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Australian Volunteer Coast Guard Victoria

Coast Guard Victoria is currently made up of 19 marine rescue groups across the State. They are ready to serve the community in the protection of life at sea. See for a full list of flotillas.


Australian Marine Alliance

The Australian Marine Alliance is an exciting initiative that has never been attempted before. The AMA is an amalgamation of peak industry groups, fisherman and training organisations across the Australian recreational and commercial fishing, aqua culture, manufacturing, marine, outboard and allied sectors in the aim of developing sustainable fisheries policies, as well as to provide a strong and viable future for all those who love and rely upon the marine environment.

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Mark Berg – Fishing Addiction

Mark Berg is a passionate fishing enthusiast who fronts the popular Fishing Addiction program which surprises fisherman around the country with amazing fishing adventures and challenges. Mark and his team take the fisherman on unforgettable trips to some of the county’s best fishing spots for their chance to win $10,000 and has amassed hundreds of thousands of fans and viewers along the way.

Check out their Facebook page, YouTube channel or website for more info!


McKenzie Racing F1 Powerboat Team

It’s fast… it’s exciting… it's spectacular racing at its best!!

The McKenzie Racing F1 Powerboat Team competes in the Formula 1 category of the Australian Formula Powerboat Grand Prix and selected Australian Powerboat Association Races. Since 2010, the team has been supported by The Haines Group who supply them with Suzuki Marine Oils.

Damien McKenzie, McKenzie Racing team driver, is highly impressed with the performance of the Suzuki Marine Oil.   

“The conditions that a F1 race engine must perform under are extreme. Speeds can reach up to 130mph and the engine is spinning in excess of 10,000rpm so the oil must perform or engine failure will occur.  Since we began using Suzuki Marine Oil we have never had a lubrication failure. This speaks for itself. I believe Suzuki Marine Oil is the best.”

Keep up with the McKenzie F1 Powerboat Team on their Facebook Page or check out their YouTube videos

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True North Adventure Cruises

True North offers luxury adventure cruises across Australia and Papua New Guinea including the Kimberley Coast, Sydney Harbour, Broome and West Papua.

Recently celebrating their 30th birthday, True North have won numerous accolades and awards along the way and are known for their luxurious amenities, impeccable service and attention to detail.

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Tiwi Islands Adventures

The 'Tiwi Islands' are made up of Melville and Bathurst Island and are situated 60km north of Darwin, Northern Territory. It is the home of the Tiwi people and the home of Tiwi Islands Adventures.

The area is known for its tropical climate, its small and friendly Indigenous population and its great fishing! The islands are not open to the public for tourism, except for organised trips operated by Tiwi Islands Adventures.

The remote and remarkable area consists of thousands of square kilometres of eucalypt, paperbark and monsoon vine forest, coastal wetlands, secluded waterfalls and deserted beaches. An extensive array of mangrove lined river and creek systems, sand flats, bays, inlets and coastal reefs, all abundant with marine life, means the Tiwi Islands are also an unspoiled angler’s paradise.

Access to the Tiwi Islands is via a short, scenic private charter flight by light aircraft from Darwin. Find out more by visiting their website: