Portable outboards


Built for your ultimate convenience, Suzuki’s range of portable outboard motors pack a handy punch. While providing powerful acceleration, our range of portable motors are:

  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Economical.

They also feature an advanced multi-function design tiller handle, a battery-free electronic fuel injection system, and a single cylinder 4-stroke engine with large displacement. That means an outstanding power output without the compromised ease of portability.

Protection from corrosion

Each of Suzuki’s portable boat motors are kept safe for a lifetime in salt water. Our specially formulated anti-corrosion finish is applied the outboard motor directly, effectively bonding to its aluminium surface. This provides a lasting defence against the corrosive effect salt water can have on metal, giving you a durable motor you can rely on. 

No battery required

Designed to operate without a battery, our portable outboard motors deliver a quicker start and smoother boating performance. The battery-less electronic fuel injection system behind it provides better acceleration without any unnecessary weight or bulk. That’s because many components in the motor, like the inline high-pressure fuel pump and fuel injector, are simply smaller versions of their high-end peers.


The handle on every portable and lightweight outboard is ergonomically designed to be user-friendly, making for easy cruising. Thanks to the clever multi-function tiller, everything you need is conveniently placed for easy control. With a great gear shift lever, throttle friction adjuster and close switches, boating is kept simple.