Offset driveshaft

When it comes to speed,
we often say “give it a bit more”.

With Suzuki Marine’s offset driveshaft
you can do just that!

We pioneered the use of the offset driveshaft which helps to evenly distribute weight, by reducing the size of the outboard motor.

Found on all models from DF70A and up (Midrange  to  High Performance  engines), the offset driveshaft positions the crankshaft in front of the driveshaft which moves its centre of gravity forward for more even weight distribution to provide an increase in power, performance and balance, while also minimising vibration.

These outboards also incorporate two-stage gear reduction system technology to enable greater power and quick acceleration – maximising the potential of the high performance engine.

By enabling the outboard to spin a larger diameter propeller at a higher pitch, the system delivers powerful torque for better acceleration and greater top end speed (up to 2.59:1 gear ratio), at any given RPM.

Offset driveshaft 300AP 10 16

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